Jordan’s love affair with horses began when she was just 4 years old at summer camp, and she was hooked from the very first time she sat in the saddle. She continued to go to summer camp every year, but that wasn’t enough for her. She watched every horse movie and TV show she could find, and at age 9, she started taking English riding lessons. Her dream was simple: get her very own horse and train it herself. Being raised in Orlando, FL, her parents didn’t know much about horses. They told Jordan she could get a horse, but there was one catch – she’d have to buy it herself. A few years and some odd jobs later, she had enough saved up and bought her very first horse when she was 12 years old – a 6 month old filly named Belle. And that’s when Jordan’s journey in horse training began.

During high school, Jordan showed a variety of different horses with her schools equestrian team. Starting as a freshman, Jordan was able to build and gain experience with each and every ride showing in Hunter/Jumper and equitation classes; which she credits to giving her balance and a secure seat.

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After high school, Jordan’s interest in horses took a different turn – she wanted to understand how horses worked from the inside out. She figured by learning about the horses anatomy from a skeletal and muscular approach, that it could change everyday interactions she had with horses. Jordan learned about healing through touch and became a Equine Sports Massage Therapist and has worked on a variety of show horses. She is also certified in Equine Electro-Acupressure training which applies an electrical current to points on the horses body and relieves pain and promotes healing in the body without needing drugs or invasive surgeries.

Jordan enrolled in the local community college strictly to take equine classes. She knew by taking courses on everything from nutrition, breeding, conformation, psychology would enable her to learn the tools and techniques that would one day benefit her being a professional horse trainer. She learned precise formulas for proper nutrition, giving injections and correctly treating and doctoring wounds, evaluating and judging horse conformation to have the best horse for the job. She also developed workout and conditioning programs for horses through the information she learned in several equine exercise physiology classes; using heart rate monitors while riding to create individual exercise programs for each horse based on the results she got.

Jordan specializes in colt starting / re-starting horses and problem horses. She enjoys starting colts the best because she knows how crucial a good foundation is on any horse. “There’s a million and one ways you can start a horse,” she says. “And I want to ensure that my approach is an effective way to build a safe and trusted partnership between horse and rider. Foundation is key. It doesn’t matter the discipline you eventually end up doing – to have a horse that’s respectful, soft and supple will make anything you do with your horse that much easier.”

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